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Ancient Civilisations Tour

14 Days
  • India Incentive

Mumbai Beach

Shatrunjaya Hill



Indus valley

Badami Cave Temple

Tungabhadra River

Vittala Temple


Mumbai – Bhavnagar – Palitana – Lothal – Ahmedabad – Hyderabad – Gulbarga – Bijapur – Badami – Hospet – Hampi – Hospet – Goa

Day Wise Plan

Day 01 Arrive Mumbai

First Day of Ancient Civilisations Tour. Assistance on arrival & Transfer to Hotel, Afternoon sightseeing Mumbai, visit in the city are the gateway of India the 262 ft. high gateway, overlooking the sea, Dhobhi Ghat, Tata Institute, Rajabi clock tower and the high court in the gothic architectural style, Marine Drive and the Hanging garden.

Day 02 Mumbai/Bhavnagar

Morning flight to Bhavnagar Assistance and transfer to Hotel. Bhavanagar founded in 1723 is a port town on the south-east cost of Saurashtra, standing on a tidal creek from the Gulf of Cambay. It is the centre for trade and industry. Cotton produced in India is exported from here.

Day 03 Bhavanagar/Palitana/Lothal

Early morning leave for Lothal, visiting Palitana en-route (56 Kms). Palitana is famous for its Shatrunjaya hill, which is covered with 863 Jain temples dating from the 16th century. The temples are made of white marble, which are so thick on the top of the hill that from a distance it looks like a gigantic white wedding cake. Stay at beautiful Uteliya palace.

Day 04 Lathal/Ahmedabad

On the fourth day of Ancient Civilisations Tour, In the morning visit Lothal: Archaeological ruins of the 2400-1600 BC Indus valley citadels with dockyard acropolis, bead factory and a site museum. The city that stood here 4500 yrs ago is clearly related to the Indus valley cities of Mohenjo-Daro & Harappa, both in Pakistan. It has the same neatly laid-out street pattern, the same carefully assembled brickwork & the same scientific drainage system. Thereafter drive to Ahmedabad (200 Kms/4 hrs)

Day 05 Ahmedabad

Morning enjoy the walking tour of Old Ahmedabad, havelis streets shops etc. Afternoon excursion to Adlaj 20 Kms from Ahmedabad is a unique & characteristic design of a step well, built in late 15th century.

Day 06 Ahmedabad/Hyderabad

Morning transfer to Airport to fly Hyderabad. Reach Hyderabad. In the afternoon, proceed for the excursion to Golconda. The ancient fort of Golconda, 10 Kms west of Hyderabad, stands on the summit of a conical hill encircled by a granite wall with 76 bastions. The famous diamond Kohinoor is believed to have come from Golconda.

Day 07 Hyderabad/Gulbarga

Morning leave for Gulbarga (245 Kms), visiting Bidar en-route. Bidar – The little visited town on Bidar in the extreme northeast corner of Karnataka was the capital of the Bahmani Kingdom from 1428 and later of the Barid Shahi dynasty. It is pleasant town with a 15th century fort containing impressive places and tombs. Continue your drive and reach Gulbarga.

Day 08 Gulbarga/Bijapur

Short visit to the Highlighted Places in Gulbarga. Gulbarga was part of the Bahmani Kingdom. The city of Gulbarga is rich in historical associations. The fort a remarkable building, containing 15 towers has a large mosque built on the model of the mosque of Cordova of Spain and is the only one of its kind in India. Then drive to Bijapur 1165 Kms/04 Hrs).

Day 09 Bijapur/Badami

Bijapur is the Agra of the South, full of ruins and still intact gems of 15th – 17th century Muslim architecture mosques, mausoleums, palaces and fortifications it has its world famous mausoleum, the Gol gumbaz. After sightseeing leave for Badami (145 Kms). Badami the later capital of the Chalukyan dynasty from about 540-757 AD, is magnificent and is famous for its rock-cut temples. Cut into the cliff-face of the red sandstone hill with temples and fortifications, carvings and inscriptions.

Day 10 Badami/Hospet

Morning leave for Hospet, visiting Aihole & Pattadakal en-route. Aihole was the first capital of the Chalukyans between the 4th and 7th centuries. There are over 70 structures around this village which stand witness to the vigorous experimentation in temple architecture undertaken by the Chalukya. Pattadakal situated 16 kms from Badami on the left bank of the Malaprabha River, was the last Chalukya capital. The city was founded by Vikramaditya-II at the beginning of the 8th century. The entire city is a remarkable example of early sculptural art, with the most important temples narrating episodes in sculpture from the Hindu epics.

Day 11 Hospet/Hampi/Hospet

Full day excursion to Hampi. Hampi: a 13 kms drive from Hospet, was once the capital of one of the largest Hindu empires in Indian History. The city covered an area of 33 sq kms. It was surrounded by seven concentric lines of fortification and was reputed to have had a population of about half a million. Hampi is set in a strange and beautiful landscape, hill country strewn with boulders and the Tungabhadra River running through it. The most interesting sites include the Vittala temple with its famous stone chariot, musical pillars and incredible sculpture.

Day 12 Hospet/Goa

Morning leave for Goa (285 Kms/ 08 Hrs) with stop at Hubli en-route. On arrival check in at hotel in Goa.

Day 13 Goa

In the morning visit Old Goa. Old Goa: 8 kms from the capital city of Panjim. The sacred remains of the patron of the East, St. Francis Xavier, lie enshrined in the Basilica of Born Jesus and have made Goa famous as the ‘Rome of the East.’ Afternoon Free in Goa, Enjoy sun-bathing in the beautiful Beach & Swimming.

Day 14 Goa/Mumbai/Out

Last day of Ancient Civilisations Tour. Transfer to Airport to fly to Mumbai. In Mumbai, you will be transferred to International Airport to fly back home.